An Open Letter to State School Superintendent John Barge


I read with interest – and surprise — your statement today opposing the Charter School Amendment. I also went back and reviewed your responses to the questionnaire you filled out when you ran for office in 2010 which can be found here, in which you stated that you “strongly” supported the State Charter School Commission and the creation of state charter schools.

If you were in court on cross examination the people of Georgia might enjoy watching you answer one of my favorite questions when someone impeaches themselves by testifying two entirely different ways to the same question: “were you lying then or are you lying now?”

But we am not in court. Therefore, let me simply say that as one public official to another that the most important attribute one person can have is personal trust in the public arena. You have squandered that today – as well as selling out the children of Georgia who need a State School Superintendent who does more than simply cower before the entrenched forces of the status quo.

State Representative Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta)
Georgia House Majority Whip

cc: Georgia House Republican Caucus



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7 responses to “An Open Letter to State School Superintendent John Barge

  1. Outdated Ed

    I already know that Barge’s political career in Georgia is likely over. Lindsey makes a valid point, and given the political tides in Georgia at present, I see now material impact on Barge’s flip-flop on the vote in November. It will still be a bi-partisan vote to approve the amendment.

  2. The Pond

    I am sure that John Barge is a republican. Everyone else at the dome screwing up our government is. Come time to vote this democrat will cross over and vote for John.

  3. Parent

    If the shoe fits….

  4. Parent

    @The Pond and my vote will cancel yours.

  5. Check

    Whoever gave Barge advice to jump ship because the educrats are mad at him should be fired. This was clearly to appease all the emails and letters he has gotten over the last few months threatening him and complaining.

    Barge needs to stop getting his talking points from GAE and Herb Garret and start listening to parents and students or he will not be re-elected. I use to be a Barge fan but he has lost my support.

  6. Dunwoody

    Oh, how I have come to immensely dislike politicians!!!! Let the ugliness begin….

  7. 3 kids

    “But we am not in court.” Maybe he should have taken the time to proof his letter.