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Yesterday, I ran a sound clip from the business community’s press conference in support of Common Core education standards and was roundly criticized for some readers who felt I had shortchanged the previous day’s rally to Stop Common Core. What actually happened was a technical problem that prevented me from completing what I had planned to run, which also included this from Senator William Ligon.

Truthfully, I don’t believe I know enough about Common Core to have a valid opinion, so I have sought to put each side’s position out there. So here’s my question: if Common Core is about educational standards, is there a way to teach the material that is not as offensive to the sensibilities of many socially-conservative Georgians as what we see on the interwebs? So many examples of “Common Core” lessons or test questions include material that may be irrelevant to the underlying content: for example, math word problems that take place in some kind of radical utopia and questions including material that is neither mathematical in nature nor relevant.

Is there a middle ground that includes testing to allow comparisons to other states, which I think we agree is useful, but doesn’t mean total assimilation into the United States Department of Education Collective?

I am by no means an expert on education policy, but I do claim a certain expertise in electoral politics, and I will tell you this. The optics favor the opponents of Common Core. My Politics 101 textbook tells me that this:

Common Core Signs

trumps this:

Chamber Common Core

Every. Single. Time.


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