Metro Atlanta Qualified Candidates – May 20, 2014 Elections

2014 Voters Guide
May 19, 2014 – Georgia voters head to the polls Tuesday to pick their party’s nominees for statewide offices, state school superintendent, state legislative seats, congressional seats and scores of down-ticket races. It’s the first statewide primary since Georgia Republicans took every statewide office in Georgia in 2010, and Democrats hope to regain a foothold.


County Commission

District 1: Sonna Singleton (i), Joyce Baul, Richard Reagan, Jae Brown, Rosa Barbee, Walter W. Nix Sr.

District 4: Michael Edmondson (i), Robbie Moore, Larry W. Bussey

School Board

District 1: Pam Adamson (i), Angel McSwain

District 4: Michael King (i), Kithya Kim

District 8: Alieka Anderson (i), Jeffery Benoit

District 9: Charlton Bivins (i)


County Commission

District 1: Bill Byrne (R), Scott Tucker(R), Angela Barner (R), Bob Weatherford (R), Glenn Melson (R), Derrick Crump (D)

District 3: JoAnn Birrell (R)(i), Joseph Pond (R), Michael Opitz (R)

School Board

Post 2: Jeffery“Jeff”Abel (R), Tim Stultz (R)(i), Susan Thayer (R), Kenya T. Pierre (D)

Post 4: David Chastain (R), William“Bill” Scott (R)

Post 6: Kevin R. Nicholas (R), Scott Sweeney (R)(i)

Solicitor General

Barry Morgan (R)(i), Cindi Yeager (R)

Judges, State Court

Post 1: Jason B. Fincher (i)

Post 3: Henry R. Thompson (i)

Post 4: Bridgette Campbell Glover (i)

Post 5: David P. Darden (i)


County Commission

District 2: Jeff Rader (i)

District 3: Larry Johnson (i)

District 7: Gregory Adams, Stan Watson (i)

School Board

District 1: Stan ‍Jester

District 2: Don McChesney, Marshall Orson (i)

District 3: Jerrie D. Bason, Michael A. Erwin (i), Jarrod Jordan, Atticus LeBlanc, Willie R. Mosley, Jr.

District 4: Karen Carter (i), Jim McMahan (i), John Oselette, Ella“Coach”Smith

District 5: Pia“Chaz Afzal”Bhatti, Jesse “Jay”Cunningham, R. Alexander Fitzhugh, Thad Mayfield (i), Vickie B. Turner

District 6: Bridgeman Bolger, Melvin Johnson (i)

District 7: Kim Ault, Lee V. Dukes, Joyce Morley (i)

Judges, State Court

Johnny Panos (i) Alvin T. Wong (i)

Sheriff (Special election)

Dale Bernard Collins, Ted Golden, R.“Tony”Hughes, Vernon Jones, Melody Maddox, Jeff Mann (i), Melvin Mitchell, LaSalle Smith Sr.

Soil and Water Commission

Jeff Bragg, H. Anthony Gobert


County Commission
District 3: Stephen“Steve”Brown (R)(i), Harold K. Logsdon (R), Donnie Owen Haddix (R)

District 5: Jessie Allen McCarty (R)(i), Pota Coston (D)

School Board

District 4: Ogechi Oparah (D), Mindette “Mindy”Fredrickson (R), Diane Basham (R), Jane L. Owens (R), John Kimbell (R)

District 5: Leonard Presberg (D)(i), Dean B. Dunton (R)


Judges, State Court

Fred C. Eady (i) Eric A. Richardson (i) Jay M. Roth (i)

County Commission

District 1: Liz Hausmann (R) (i)

District 2: Bob Ellis (R), Eric B. Broadwell (R)

District 3: Bernard“Bernie”Tokarz (R), Everett Lee Morris III (R), Cory Ruth (R), Alexander Palacios (R)

District 4: Joan P. Garner (D)(i), Eddie Lee Brewster (D)

District 5: Brenda J. Muhammad (D), Johnnie Gordon (D), Advis Dell Wilkerson-Byrd (D), Kwame Thompson (D), Marvin S. Arrington Jr. (D)

District 6: William“Bill”Edwards (D)(i), Emma I. Darnell (D)(i), Abraham Watson (R)

District 7: John H. Eaves (D)(i), Robert L. “Robb”Pitts (D)(i), Earl L. Cooper (R)

School Board

District 2: Katie Reeves (i)

District 5: Linda F. McCain (i)

District 6: Joel L. Joseph, Catherine E. Maddox (i), DeAndre S. Pickett

District 7: Julia C. Bernath (i), Kathleen A. Wittschen

Special election, City of Roswell Municipal Court Judge

Brian Hansford, John Monroe, Melanie Ellwanger, Leslie Morris Donaho


County Commission

District 2: Jay Trevari (D), Lynette Howard (R)(i)

District 4: Alfie Meek (R), John Heard (R)(i)

Board of Education

District 2: Leon Hobbs (R), Ileana McCaigue (R), Dan Seckinger (R)(i)

District 4: Robert McClure (R)(i), Zachary Rushing (D)

State Court Judge

Pamela South (i), Joseph C. Iannazzone (i)


Gregory McKeithen (D), Rosanna Szabo (R)(i)


County Commission

District 3: Gary Barham (R)(i), I. Darryl Payton (D), William“Bill”Toney (R), Horace Brannan (R),

District 4: Reid A. Bowman Sr.(R)(i), Blake Prince (R)

District 5: Bruce Holmes (D)(i)

School Board

District 4: Donna McBride, Virgil Brannon

District 5: Erik Charles (i), Annette Edwards


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