Chatham County Qualified Candidates

Chatham County public office hopefuls this week secured their positions on the May 20 ballot during the qualifying period for the upcoming non-partisan and general primary elections.

In all, 18 candidates qualified for 12 openings including county coroner, board of elections memberships, judgeships, and school board seats and president.

The non-partisan race for Savannah-Chatham County School Board president, to be elected in May, was the most sought-after position among qualifiers who had from Monday morning through noon Friday to submit their formal intention to run for office.

School Board President – Sadie C. Brown, Jolene Byrne, Chester A. Ellis, George Seabororough, David Simons

School Board District 8 – Ruby D. Jones

School Board District 6 – Larry Lower

School Board District 5 – Irene G. Hines

School Board District 4 – Shawn A. Kachmar


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