Top Stories From Around The Country for 3/26

Longer School Days
District of Columbia – Longer school days for low-performing schools is one of the new education initiatives offered by Mayor Gray in his address to city leaders.

NAEP Provides Vehicle for Study of Read-Aloud Option
Testing supports are subject of debate
Having teachers read aloud a reading-comprehension test to students with disabilities and English-language learners offers a boost in scores without altering what the test is trying to measure, according to a study of about 2,000 California 4th and 8th graders who were given the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, in 2013.

In his opening speech to the 2014 legislature in Louisiana, Gov. Jindal said state spending on higher education would increase by more than $141 million, or about 5.5 percent, next year under his budget proposal for 2014-15.

Calif. Testing Waiver Draws Civil Rights Concerns
The U.S. Department of Education’s sweeping decision to let California avoid making new school accountability decisions until 2016, as the state moves to new common-core-aligned assessments, worries civil rights officials who argue that it could jeopardize everything from who gets special education services in that state to how English-learners are classified.


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