Top Stories From Around The Country for 3/31

K-12 Education in a Post-Literate Age
American schools have entered the Age of Post-Literacy. Books, long idealized as foundational shapers of intellect, no longer mold young people’s minds. While continuing to tout their merits, educators marginalize books and have not come to grips with the book’s declining role in society. Continue Reading Here >>

Fight against Common Core not over in Indiana
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The national math and education standards outlined in the Common Core are everywhere at Indianapolis’ George S. Buck Elementary School. Stapled packets of the standards meant to guide what students learn in each grade hang outside classroom doors, and individual guidelines are cut out and displayed in the hallways next to hand-drawn graphs colored in crayon. A bill signed Monday by Gov. Mike Pence made Indiana the first state to revoke those standards, leaving what will replace them when the State Board of Education approves new standards before its July 1 deadline unclear.

Schools increasingly check students for obesity
CHULA VISTA, Calif. (AP) — The Chula Vista school district not only measures the academic progress of Marina Beltran’s second-grader, it also measures her son’s body fat. Every two years, Antonio Beltran, like his classmates, steps on a scale. Trained district personnel also measure his height and then use the two figures to calculate his body mass index, an indicator of body fat.

Colorado school expulsions drop following law
DENVER (AP) — Fewer Colorado students are being expelled in the wake of a statewide reform measure, according to a new study that could amplify Colorado’s voice in a growing nationwide debate over whether discipline procedures are setting students — particularly those from minority communities — on a path to prison and failure.

Fla. House keeps pushing major voucher expansion
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Backers of a Florida program that helps low-income children attend private schools, many of them religious, are trying a second time to move ahead a bill that would authorize a major expansion of the program.


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