Top Stories From Around The Country for 4/1 2014

Kansas House panel’s leader quits over school bill
TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Rep. Marc Rhoades unexpectedly resigned Monday as chairman of the Kansas House Appropriations Committee in protest over a school funding proposal being negotiated among Republican leaders. He said the proposed spending would be unsustainable given current state revenues and went beyond the scope of what was needed to address the court’s concerns about equalizing payments to poor school districts. “None of the spending is tied to measureable education outcomes,” Rhoades said in his statement. “I regret I see no option but, respectfully, to resign as chair of appropriations to allow leadership to move forward.”

Oklahoma teachers rally at Capitol for funding
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Teachers flocked by the busload to the Oklahoma Capitol on Monday to call on lawmakers to increase public school funding and educator salaries.

Dual-language programs in schools gain following
HOUSTON (AP) — Working on a math assignment, the 6-year-old girl placed Popsicle stick after Popsicle stick in a horizontal line on the table. “Uno, dos, tres,” she counted, all the way to 10. Like school systems across the nation, several local districts — including Houston, Alief, Clear Creek, Pasadena and Spring Branch — have expanded dual-language programs, as more parents want their children to grow up bilingual and studies generally show positive academic results. Continue Reading Here >>

Okla. bill offers flexibility on 3rd grade reading
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A bill that would offer more flexibility to school districts to promote third graders who may not be reading at grade level has cleared a Senate committee.


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