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Fulton school board approves two new charter schools with focus on Latin language

Fulton County school board members have approved petitions for two charter schools with a focus on the Latin language — a first for the district.

At least one charter school in Atlanta public schools – the Latin Academy — already offers such an emphasis on Latin within the curriculum, Fulton school officials say. Fulton board members approved the charter proposals at a meeting Thursday evening.

If the petitions for the two new charter schools are approved by the Georgia Board of Education later this year, Fulton County schools would have a total of 10 start-up charter schools in the district, according to school officials.

The Latin Grammar School is a kindergarten through fifth-grade elementary school, and the Latin College Preparatory School, a sixth- through eighth-grade middle school. Both would be expected to open by the 2015-2016 school year and are projected to serve about 360 students each, according to a released statement from the Fulton County school system.

The schools will have the use of a Fulton County school building – the soon-to-be-vacant Oak Knoll Elementary School in East Point – but will eventually relocate to their own facilities after four years of operation, allowing the school system to incubate another charter in the location.

By Rose French
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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