Louis C.K. Blasts Common Core – It feels like a dark time

Louis C.K. has long made his life as a parent — and the struggles to impart good values to his two daughters — among the most important subjects for his comedy. But now he’s getting serious.

Last night, C.K. sent out a series of tweets about his daughter’s struggles with homework designed to align with the Common Core, a controversial initiative hinging on standardized testing in order to impart a shared set of English and math skills to students. That’s the goal, at least, but C.K.’s children, who C.K. says are New York public school students, are among those who’ve found the implementation of the Common Core a struggle. C.K. called the Common Core a “massive stressball that hangs over the whole school” in his series of tweets.










New York has been a particularly hot zone for the Common Core, with protests having been held at Brooklyn schools. As the end of the school year approaches, C.K. and other parents may well have more to say.

Daniel D’Addario is a staff reporter for Salon’s entertainment section.


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One response to “Louis C.K. Blasts Common Core – It feels like a dark time

  1. Diane Ravitch

    Please read my commentary on what Louis C.K. has done to expand the debate about Common Core.

    It was just posted on Huffington Post at the top of the page.

    In my view, he has just smashed the carefully crafted narrative that the only critics of Common Core standards and tests are extremists of the right and left.

    Being a comedian with 3.3 million followers on Twitter gave him a platform.

    Being a parent of two children in public school gives him legitimacy.

    His intervention changes the conversation. Maybe now we can have an honest debate instead of name-calling of anyone who dares to raise a voice in criticism of the CCSS.