Erickson Endorses Nancy Jester – State Superintendent

Conservative radio talk show host and RedState blogger, Erick Erickson, endorses Nancy Jester for State Superintendent saying, “I’m going with Nancy Jester.  She’s opposed to Common Core.  She gets the problem.”

On Tuesday, Erick Erickson explained his opposition to Common Core saying, “The federal government has poured a lot of money getting states to adopt Common Core. And what comes with Federal money? Strings. Those strings attached will involve the government in setting the curriculum.”

Erickson went on to say, “Because we will have uniform standards based largely on textbook providers catering to California, setting what and who you will actually read. Once you have the strings and one place to go, it’s very easy to control everything.”

“There is very little in the standards about reading and understanding the Bill of Rights.  You would think that the constitution would be a good non fiction document.  No.  They want to read the writings of left wing activists like Caesar Chavez or Margaret Sanger.  That’s where this is headed.”

“Whatever you do, do not vote for people like Kira Willis who defend Common Core.”



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2 responses to “Erickson Endorses Nancy Jester – State Superintendent

  1. She no clue

    I think she needs to go read the GPS standards.

  2. Ms Jester has received a lot of notoriety lately for her critique of GPS saying, “In the early 2000s, the Georgia Department of Education adopted a social studies curriculum that is almost completely devoid of education on The Bill of Rights in elementary school. Yet, in third grade, we teach our children about the nine important people who “expanded rights.” Those nine people are: Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Mary McLeod Bethune, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson, and César Chávez”