Underwhelmed By Allen Fort, State Superintendent candidate

Maureen Downey, Get Schooled at the AJC, asked the candidates for state school chief to share their vision. Allen Fort posted his vision last week to an underwhelmed audience.

Posted by mathmom at 12:30 p.m. May. 9, 2014
Too vague. Next?

Posted by DekalbInsideOutat 12:57 p.m. May. 9, 2014
Allen Fort is the Superintendent in Quitman County where they get $11K per student according to app3.doe.k12.ga.us. Quitman’s graduation rate in 2013 was 52%. I didn’t think there was a district worse than APS … I was wrong.

Posted by ChambleeDad 2:21 p.m. May. 9, 2014
Now I’m very confused. His Website has: The Three Most Important Educational Issues In Georgia, which happen to be 1, 2 & 3 here.

But also: “I am Allen Fort, and I am running for State School Superintendent because I believe”
Followed by 7 bullet points. The 7? all “feel good” things like: “access to an equal, quality education” & “a classroom environment conducive to motivated teaching, exciting learning by motivated students”

But Dang – he had 10 all along. Holding out, for the general election?

By Allen Fort

I am Allen Fort, a candidate for State School Superintendent. By now you may have read what the other candidates have to say, you have seen the ideas they want to install in order to make education better in Georgia.

But do you honestly feel they fully understand the breadth and depth of being in charge of a state school system that has more than 1.7 million students and 200,000 educators, with a budget of more than $7 billion dollars?

Do you believe they have served the length and width of our great state to fully understand the different needs of our students, teachers and communities that cover over 58,000 square miles from one of the world’s great cities to rural counties, some without stoplights?

I come to you with 35 years of public education experience and three years in private school. I have served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, a school redesign specialist for the Georgia Department of Education and now as a superintendent in Quitman County/Georgetown.

These various positions have allowed me to move up through the ranks of education and experience many areas of Georgia, all special and unique; each with their own strength and character, all with their own needs and wants. I have visited every county in Georgia during my life and find that every community wants a school system that provides their children with quality education and preparation for life.

I will serve as your State School Superintendent as an innovative educator and a visionary leader and focus on eight items daily in order to ensure effective education in our schools each day.

8) Local Control – I understand that many systems need to be governed less and supported more by the GADOE. I will promise support when needed and then to let you educate your students in your system as you know best.

7) Recognition – We recognize that our teachers, administrators, parents, and support personnel (bus drivers, office workers, food service workers and custodians) are all a vital part of a child’s learning and well-being during the school day

6) Assessment – I would propose assessment in the 4th, 7th, and 10th grades to review student’s progress/data and use the results to identify student needs and needed services.

5) Curriculum – While we want our students to be able to move freely and without complication to other schools, plus attract economic development with rigor in the schools, we must also develop a Georgia curriculum that gives us ownership of what we teach and when we teach it.

4) Communication – I must have open, honest, genuine communication between myself, our state government, parents, and the community about education in Georgia and their being a positive part of it every day.

3) Ready for Life – Upon graduation from high school, every student should have academic, life, and career skills that prepare them to enter the world of work or college. Too many students receive a diploma, but are not truly prepared for what lies before them. We need to change this.

2) Equitable Funding – We must be open and transparent about how funding is done at the state and local level. We must make sure funding to systems is equitable and spending is efficient in order to provide the best education possible.

1) Teaching and Learning – It is incumbent upon us to support innovative teaching and motivate learners. We must remember that when the door closes for class time, it is teacher and student interaction that creates the most learning and ultimately prepares the student for life.

Finally, I ask that you take the time to research the candidates. I ask you find the one who can best lead our educational system for the next four years. I ask you choose a state school superintendent that has a vision for our schools, who has had experience in education throughout the state and has the ability to work with all people in all aspects that the job requires.

But the most important thing I ask you to do is to become involved, first in voting, then in the education of the children of this state. Please, care about our state and its future, care about your community, and, most of all, care about our children of Georgia.

Allen Fort


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