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We’ll cover the aftermath of Tuesday night for the rest of the week, and I’m taking Friday off for recreation, and so that we can take care of some changes on the backend of the website. Here’s a quick recap.


Incumbent Republican Nathan Deal carried 72% of GOP Primary voters and every county except Whitfield County, which former Dalton Mayor David Pennington carried.

State School Superintendent

We will have a runoff between Mike Buck with 19.2% and Richard Woods, who earned 16.9%.

Congressional Runoffs

District 1 appears to pit State Senator Buddy Carter, 36.2% against Dr. Bob Johnson with 22.7%. John McCallum came in a strong third place at 20.5% and his endorsement will be sought by the runoff candidates.

District 4 Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson retained his seat against former DeKalb County Sheriff Tom Brown with a 55-45 victory.

District 10 will host a GOP runoff between first-place finisher Dr. Jody Hice (33.5%) and second-place Mike Collins (33%).

District 11 will see a very spirited contest between Barry Loudermilk, with 36.6% and former Congressman Bob Barr, who held 25.8%.

District 12 goes straight to the General Election, as Rick W. Allen carried 54% to win without a runoff.

State Senate

Senator Don Balfour was retired last night, with former Gwinnett County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau breaking the tape with 38% and former Lawrenceville City Council Member P.K. Martin in second with 33%. Pray for the Balfour family as their son, deployed overseas, has a health issue that has put him in the hospital.

In Senate District 13, an open seat, Greg Kirk narrowly defeated Bryce Johnson for the Republican nomination.

Senate District 16, also an open seat, hosts a runoff between Marty Harbin (25%) and David Studdard (21.6%).

John F. Kennedy is the Republican nominee for Senate District 18, carrying 57% against Spencer Price.

 Senate District 27 incumbent Jack Murphy took 37.5% and lands in a runoff against Michael Williams with 34.5%.

Senator Mike Dugan held his Senate District 30 nomination against longtime State Rep. Bill Hembre by a 55-45 margin and will beat the Democratic nominee in November.

 Senate District 33 provided a shocker, as Senator Steve Thompson, the incumbent Democrat appears to have been defeated by Michael Rhett.

State House Seats

Speaker David Ralston cleaned up his House District Seven with 2/3 of the vote.

Incumbent Sam Moore was shut out of the runoff, which pits Wes Cantrell (38%) against Meagan Bielle (31.79%).

Incumbent RINO Republican Charles Gregory (R-Liberty) lost to Bert Reeves in House District 34.

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