Georgia State Superintendent Race – Who Cares?

Is anybody paying attention to the Georgia State Superintendent race? Does anybody care? Does anybody know that both candidates were against Amendment 1, which was passed overwhelmingly by the voters and changed the Georgia constitution to make sure the state can approve charter schools?

Sunday was the Atlanta Press Club Debate between the two candidates for Georgia State school Superintendent (can you name either of them without looking?). Maureen Downey wrote an article on Get Schooled, Anyone watch school chief debate? I did. Candidates need to toss scripts.

Downey was bored to tears like the rest of us. Where are the fireworks for education which is over half the state budget? Deal says “Recovery District” and half the state gets its panties in a wad.

No surprise that the Republican candidate for State Superintendent isn’t supporting Deal’s education initiatives. What’s the Republican candidate’s name … John Barge 2.0?


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