Tom Owens is a Political Mattress Stain

DeKalb County, Georgia – Tom Owens sees himself as a crusader, but the dozen people with restraining orders against him beg to differ. When Tom Owens decided to run for office, George Chidi decided to look into his background. Chidi wrote,

“I believe the story I wrote to be well reported and well researched. But given the findings — a long list of police reports, restraining orders, a no-contest plea to stalking and a legal accusation calling for unpaid child support — I considered it irresponsible not to make every possible effort to give Mr. Owens an opportunity to offer his side of the story, and to help correct inaccuracies before publication. Instead … “

Instead of giving his side of the story, Owens obtained a temporary restraining order against Chidi.

Chidi and Owens had their day in court. Judge Becker told the 6-foot-3 230lb bear of a man Tom Owens, “People can be obnoxious, Mr. Owens; I’ve run for office, obnoxiousness is not worthy of a protective order.”

George Chidi and Larry Danese, concluded that Owens is nothing more than a “raging mattress stain”.


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