GaPundit Opines on DeKalb County

Todd Rehm is a political strategist in Georgia and editor of In addition to his loveable adoptable dogs, GaPundit gives us his take on the past DeKalb school administrations and the upcoming superintendent search committee in a piece appropriately titled “Criminal Background? Check!“.

From the GaPundit:

You may remember the ongoing saga of Crawford Lewis, the former DeKalb County Superintendent who was indicted on state RICO and theft by taking charges and then pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge and cooperated with the authorities. His alleged co-conspirators, Patricia Reid and Tony Pope were convicted of racketeering in a scheme to steer school construction business to Reid’s ex-husband, Pope.

The convictions of Reid and Pope were overturned and may be retried. So your takeaway is that two top DeKalb County School Board officials were indicted for racketeering, one pled guilty to a lesser charge, the other was convicted but her conviction overturned. DeKalb County is still looking for a new superintendent.

The members of the DeKalb Board of Education have named a search committee that includes…wait for it… a former DeKalb County Commissioner who was convicted of extortion in office.

Read the full story here on GaPundit. You can’t make this stuff up.


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