Georgia Milestones – Metro Atlanta Results

The scores for Georgia’s first-ever Milestones tests are out, and many students struggled to pass.

Students in districts with high poverty struggled the most. For instance, in DeKalb County 43.7 percent failed third grade English while in Atlanta Public Schools 41.3 percent failed. In other major metro districts — Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties — about a quarter of that group failed.

Dana Rickman, a researcher with the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, said the increased failure rate is consistent with what national assessments have been saying for years: that the old tests were too easy.

“We knew [pass rates] were going to go down,” Rickman said. Georgia’s new test results are more reflective of what the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the so-called “gold standard” test given to a sample of U.S. students, has been saying: that the pass rates on Georgia’s old tests were inflated.

DeKalb County Board of Education rep, Stan Jester, had this to say about Georgia Milestones Results:

How did DeKalb elementary and middle schools stack up against the other big 8 metro school districts?  Well … at least we’re not Clayton.

Percentage of students prepared for the next grade level
The following graphs illustrate the percentage of students that demonstrate at least proficiency in the knowledge and skills necessary at this grade level and are prepared for the next grade level course.


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