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* Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership, Florida Atlantic University
* Master of Science in Education, Florida Atlantic University

Common Core
Mary Kay Bacallao argued the word “standards” has been used merely to circumvent laws preventing the federal government from sponsoring a common curriculum. The former member of the Fayette County Board of Education is vehemently opposed to Common Core. “I will work with everything I have to fight against Common Core,” Bacallao said.

Excerpts from Georgia SchoolWatch Interview

  • I did not vote for Charter School Amendment – Amendment 1 because of the appointed nature of the commission.
  • I will work with the legislature to [HB 886] during the next legislative session to require total budget transparency for local school districts.
  • I realized that school board authority has been removed since 2010 when the rules for local school board members were changed so that the primary role of school board members is no longer to represent constituent views.
  • I ran for the Fayette County School Board in 2008 and lost.  I ran again [later] and lost. [Ran for a 3rd time and won]
  • I am concerned about people who think that education is a “business.” It is a community service funded by tax dollars.
  • The first thing that our president did when he was elected was to end the voucher program in Washington D. C. Now charters are the favored form of school choice.